I’m coming home!!!

Yup, the time has come for me to leave Kenya and come back to sunny Blighty!  (whats that?  Its not sunny you say? Never!)

In fact I have already left KKV, and i’m writing to you from Alex & Amy’s house which is very near the airport.  I’m staying here tonight to make the trip in the morning a lot easier!

I said a very emotional goodbye to everyone at KKV this afternoon.  Boy that was hard!  I didn’t think i’d find it so difficult to say goodbye to everyone there, after all i’m a bloke – we don’t do emotions!  But they have all become such a big part of my lives over the last 6 weeks, from the kids to the adults, and even the dogs!  I shall miss them all terribly and I must admit to having a heavy heart as I write this.  Sigh!

BUT, i’ve had a truly amazing time here in Kenya…  I’ve met some amazing people,  been to some areas that defy belief whilst at the same time seeing how peoples belief in God gets them through, i’ve been privilledged to enter into peoples lives and learn their stories.  I’ve seen amazing beauty in the Massai Mara & Mombasa.  I’ve been to FIVE different Churchs, from Anglican to one that was taken almost entirely in Swaheli & lasted 3.5 hrs!  And much, much more…. and i’ve loved it all!

I must give a special mention to Jon & Molly Stern & their family.  Its pretty scary touching down in a distant country, thousands of miles from home, on your own, not knowing anyone, and knowing that you’re there for the next 6 weeks no matter what!!  But the Sterns are just an amazing family who continuously went out of their way to make me feel part of the family and help me out at every turn.  The happiness of the children at KKV is testament to them.  They were wonderful to me.

To sum Kenya, from my own perspective (and that really isn’t the most informed perspective!), it is a beautiful land (the Massai Mara & coastal regions for e.g.) but its brought to its knees by and endemic culture of corruption that is reviled by all who I speak to (they all bring it up themselves) yet seems to be an accepted norm in the society.  For example the national Hospital has a permenant sign at the front saying ‘Kenyatta Hospital is a corruption free zone’, so if the state hospital feels the need to put that up as an official sign, i think it says enough of how rife corruption is.  Oh and by the way, my Kenyan hosts scoffed at the signs claim!

You only have to look at how Obahma deliberately snubbed  Kenya despite his family heritage and chose to visit Ghana instead recently.

Yet despite the corruption that leaves the majority of its citizens in relative poverty, Kenya is a country of great faith & character.  The people are warm & friendly and so generous in their welcomes.  And the way they dance & sing so freely cannot fail to win your heart!

I’m pretty tired right now so i’ll sign off for the last time from Kenya, BUT this isn’t the last you’ll hear from me about KKV and the rest…  i’ve taken many pictures, recorded videos of songs and interviewed some of the people at KKV and i’m intending on having an evening in September where you can come down and see all these things, maybe learn some songs (and dances!), eat some Kenyan food, hear some of the many amazing stories i haven’t had the chance to share on here and have a chance to give towards KKV and find out other ways of getting involved!

So watch this space!

That just leaves me to say a huge thank you for taking the time to indulge me in reading my endless witterings, especially thanks to those of you who sent so many encouraging messages over the last month and a bit, its been very special to hear from home all the way out here.

A an even huger (if thats a word) to all those who donated money to enable me to actually come out here, its very humbling to have your trust and support.  Special thanks of course to Georgina for originating the idea and pathing the way for me to go.

I cannot waaaaait to get home, i’ve missed everyone soooo much!!!

See you all soonish!




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