A happy ending to a story I told you a while back…


You may remember me telling you a couple of weeks back about a desperate situation where a widowed single mother (Roselyn) was being prevented from bringing her 9yr old daughter (Cynthia) back home from hospital because she could not pay the hospital bill that was being added to each day.

Well, on Tuesday they were finally re-united after 5 months apart when the mother was allowed to take her home!  This was a small miracle as the situation had looked hopeless just 2 weeks ago, especially with the level of corruption in Kenya meaning that local money which should be used to support women in her situation very rarely finds its way to the people who need it, leaving her with no-one to turn to for financial help.

But not long after I met her a relative of another girl in the same ward heard about the case and was moved to act.  This lady happened to be connected with people higher up in the hospital and put Roselyn in touch with a Doctor at her Church.  This Doctor and the lady then aided Roselyn in making an application for funding to the Hospital which they ensured was properly dealt with.  The result being the Hospital Insurance fund and social workers paying the insumantable bill and sanctioning Cynthia’s release.

It may sound simple but to someone in Roselyns position the doors are usually kept firmly shut, despite how wrong we can obviously see this as being.  I also discovered that Cynthia had actually had to share a bed with another girl all that time also.

When I had met Roselyn 2 weeks ago and heard her story it was just a desperate time, and she looked a woman in total despair, to look into her eyes was to see complete desolation.  So as you can imagine the difference on Tuesday was amazing, just wonderful!  I have a picture of them but can’t upload at the moment, but I will add it when I return home.

Of course Roselyn & Cynthia are just one of many cases that are yet to see a happy ending, so please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers, thank you.




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