Emma. Soo…Apparently I’m worth Many cows.


Soo Ive got lots to catch you up on!!

The kids at KKV are having an end of school closing day  programme so we went to help make invites with all of them all thanks to all your money donations which helped buy quite alot of the materials and ofcourse all your donations too.. soo photo will follow! next up!…The other day we went to the Market to buy gifts and things and it was such fun!! i laughed soo much i walked past this one stall and a man called me in to look at his stall and i said no sorry just looking.. and he replied..”akuna matata”  i looked straight at ian who heard too and immediatly said “What a wonderful phrase” which set us off in giggles… very good times.I officially love haggaling its great fun and i dont think im too bad at it either!  and i’ve know learn’t the word Muzungo (probably not spelt right) which means White person which i got shouted at alot to buy stuff. it was such a good day and had a good talk with a guy about the school system of kenya  and how he hasn’t been able to do high school yet and he was in his twenties which was a bit crazy. but yeah it was good. we went to help out cleaning the church and getting it ready for the next day..and let me just say… if anyone.. and i mean ANYONE complains about cleaning and setting up the church again i would fly you over to clean and set up this church myself… it was crazy we were there for hours sweeping and mopping the floor with a towel.. it was fun though we were setting up  thousands of chairs and we kind of turned it into a game so we had a right laugh my muscles are hurting now though by carrying so many chairs and they would have two services!  and to make it doubly Gob smacking there was a church everyfew mins! so lots of churches  and they still manage to get two services filled to the brim with people! the sunday service was… in one word.. CRAZY. everyone was dancing.. People had cotton wool in their ears and it was still loud for them!  they were shouting praises dancing  it was so crazy and so passionate anddd   MENTAL.   but crazy mental for Jesus which was awesome! Today was very very Interesting.. we went with the Mumma’s to the fruit and veg market and i dont think i’ve ever been stared at so much in my life i got given lots of free banana’s  and got proposed to three times… one person asked me to take them home and make me a wife. another said he would give many cows to love me,  and a rather old man  asked if i was married and then his friend asked if i would be his wife.. while he stared and smiled offering me a seat next to him. i was with a mumma called janet and she translated all what they said, they were very complimentry and was asking janet why she was stealing me away from them i laughed alot.. it was such fun and felt very… Kenyan and like we were getting into their culture! Also  I’ve decided that im going to sieve through my clothes when i get back… which my mum will be pleased to hear! and give it all to oxfam, Janet was telling me half of the things the people on the clothes stalls were selling were from oxfam and was majorly cheap but was clothing people and giving them money to buy food and things themselves. which is cool. aswell today we just has Keswahili classes with Janet some things are sinking in.. was funny we ended up just shouting the word yes in swahili over  and over again.. which sounded slightly weird…such a good day :)

Thank you for all your bits and bobs and support you have given they definatly enjoyed it!

Anywayyy  KWAHERI everyonee!



  1. Really great to hear all your news!! Will be praying about the tooth!!Lovely to see photos of you with the children – awesome.Missing you loads – your mum is keeping me posted every time I drive past I get a thumbs up!!
    Take care …..lots of love xxx

  2. Hello Emma ! :) oh my gosh it sounds like your having such an immense time out there !! When is your safari ?? I hope you have laod of pictures to show me when your back !! I know your obv missing me loads ahah i joke :) ! See you soon … Ish :)

  3. Joy to hear everything’s working out and such a good time happening. Knew you’d come home buzing! So sorry about your tooth, Emma, but hope you can hang in there till you get home. Special hugs to all the children from me, esp those in Apt D. who wrote me lovely Get Well letters after my op. What news of drums, or other instruments?
    G. xx

  4. hi emma its mum im so proud of u an so is dad weve all misssed u your room is waitind 4 u dads been upset missis u like crazy but ive kept him buzzy doing your units ive helped lol we r startin nellies room now hoe many cows are they offering lol c u r loved alover the world give everyone a big kiss n hug from us all see u in three weeks lolbring a couple of kids home 4 us 2 love love allways mum n dad n r nellie

  5. bum bum bum chhhh lol hey sis hope u r having fun well see ya soon off the PA Party YAY!

  6. Hey all you three wheres the rest of your blogging??!
    Us lot in Woodley want to read all about it lol!!
    I guess this means you must be all having too much fun to sit on a computer – fantastic!!
    Hope you are all ok – and Emma – hope the tooth is surviving!

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