Is it cos I is Muzunghu?

Hello all you lovely Brits!

Greetings from the land where 22 degrees means its time to break out the wooly hat & overcoat!  I kiddeth you not.

So, one week in & we’re having an awesome time!  I won’t go into detail on all we’ve done as the girls have been keeping diaries so they can fill you in much better when they blog.  But i’ll try & give you a flavour of whats been happening.

The orphanage itself is at capacity & looking to expand, since last year they have taken in 2 new kids but very sadly had to ask 1 to leave for disciplinary reasons (he was 15 and has now gone to live with an uncle – although this is not ideal & KKV are still involved with trying to find him somewhere more secure).  This means there are 40 kids ranging from 2-21 yrs.

Incase you’re wondering why 21, its because they also school them here and they will only leave when they are fully educated & ready for university – many will have missed much schooling before coming to KKV.

So, what of Judy & Essy, the oldest kids, who many of you saw in the videos from last year?  Well, Essy has one more year left before she goes to study medicine, Judy a little longer.  They are both very well in spirit, although Judy has an ongoing health problem – asthma & allergies.  But their company is such fun!

The Sterns are well also and have been just wonderful in welcoming us into their extended family, Merryn & Emma especially.  And us 3 Brits make a good team (i hope!), lots of fun & laughter & only the odd tantrum – but i’m trying to get better!

So far we’ve experienced (always a good word to describe it) their Church – just as big & crazy as I left it!  We’ve met lots of great people, & today we went to market – Kenyan style!

We’ve been kept very busy & in demand which is great – the girls will fill you in.

And to finish, a couple of interesting things…

1.  The World Cup…

So yes, i may have been asked/mocked about this by EVERY person i’ve met – ‘what happened to England?!  Were you sad?!’  I’ve been very diplomatic.  But turns out that most Kenyans were supporting England as a surrogate team – poor misguided souls!  The power of the Premier League over here is big!

But more tragically, Ghana’s loss in the quarters caused minor riots, murders & several suicides not just in Kenya but in many other African nations!  Turns out Ghana really were representing all of Africa, and all of Africa really did care!

2. Enter…the Chinese!

Heres a curious thing, there is mass road building a foot in Nairobi & Kenya as a whole thanks to the Chinese!  China predict they will run out of energy supplies in the next 20 years or so due to their population boom, so they have identified Kenya along with a number of other African nations as be an answer to their problem.  Kenya is just starting to produce oil so China did a deal to say that they will pump money & organisation into Kenya to build up their infrastructure if China can get first rights on the oil in future!

So whereas before roads were built slowly slowly in a Kenyan relaxed style, they’re now flying up all over the place!

Anyway, must go now & help with rehearsals for the KKV end of School year show!

Do comment below & let us know how life is back home, missing you all!




  1. Lyn and Dan

    Missing you too Ian. 26 degreees here and we imagine that’s hot!!! Almost end of term. £ days to go.
    Glad your’e enjoying your time there. Sounds great.

    Have lots of fun,

    Lyn and Dan Pennycott

  2. Hey! It sounds so much fun!!You are all having such an amazing time!
    Very boring in comparison but Brenda and I have been painting – you will be very happy when you see it!!
    Take care and look after those girls!

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