Emma :) “Pretty much….When I say pretty much I mean really.”

Hello!! or should i say JAMBO!!

So I’ve got three days to catch you up on!  so here we go :) This isn’t including Sunday… although there was a slight overload on the baggage weight  which was a bad on my part …but we wont go into that ha.

Monday 12th july

so i woke up on the plane today and we were like…. two hours away from landing so we were flying over the Sudan.. i think.. and i looked out the window and saw this BEAUTIFUL  sunrise and got mega excited, the sight of an african sunrise just made the whole thing seem a bit more…REAL… OH  did you know that if your filling falls out or chips down to put chewing gum into the hole and it acts as a temporary filling! always good to know when your on a near 9 hour flight to kenya YEP I’ve got toothache… but luckily i also have gum ;)  anyway..we got through visa and baggage and we met Tray  who we noticed straight away as he was jumping and waving at us  and Lydia is the sturns (family who owns the orphanage incase you didnt know) daughter who picked us up and drove us to KKV… we arrived and were welcomed by everyone.. EVERYONE is sooooo Lovely its crazy how at home im feeling already and its only been three ish days .. all the children are  awesome and really funny.. within the first fifteen mins they had taken our jewellery and our hats and glasses and were dancing around singing bon jovi..  :) after meeting and greetings we went to our rooms and had a small nap to try and catch up on the sleep we missed then went over to watch the children practice their musical skit which they are doing for there end of school closing day. A young girl called Fatima.. i think thats how its spelt  called me over to play football  so we had a kick about  for a little bit just before lunch which we had with the sturns. we stayed until after tea where we sang and worshipped and after that we popped to faith house where all the children live and visited houses  c+d  where we got completely ambushed by children.. which was lovely.. and i slightly got to grips with a few more names.  one child told me her testimony shes called Eve and she was saying about how both her parents died and she had to love with a bad mother who used to cut her and beat her.. until one day they went out and she ran along way to their neighbour and she kept her at her home and she was just saying how greatful she is to God because he saved her from the bad people..that kind of blew my mind that,that much can happen to a child so young and yet she is so happy and so over it because of the love God has for her.. made me so thankful  for my life and for her life now that it is over also they are so skilled they were sitting making rugs and jewellery  and HOPEFULLY  they will be showing me.. so you never know you may be all getting rugs for christmas ;)

Tuesday 13th July.

We were woken up and told one of the Mummas were off ill and judy who is LOVELY was back from school looking after them so  merryn and i went over to try and entertain them for a while.. we brought a bubble wand with us which they really loved playing with we made a rule that after five dunks they would pass it on  which they all did really well.. after that we all went outside and we messed around on the climbing frames and they were hanging off the monkey bars and shouting “Emma Merryn Look were monkeyys”  was very funny and very cute… shortly after they found our cameras and had alot of fun taking lots of pictures of eachother.. we ended up with lots of closeups or pictures of feet but they had a good time ! we tried out some of the stories we brought over too which they really liked. We then had lunch and helped reorder the Paces (work books) for next term for each of the classes  which took a long time.. but we worked well as a team  OH also we tried a thing called CHAI .. which is tea Made with  ginger cinnemon  andd.. nutmeg. which anna made for us.It was delicious. Anna Christan and lydia are  molly and Jon’s daughters … who are lovely  were attempting to perfect eachoters accents soo hopefully i will we able to fool anyone with my american accent at the end of the trip  haha Im not so sure they will do the same as they sound a mix between cockney mary poppins and an australian theres always hope though right?  in the evening Me merryn Ian Judy essy christan anna and sarah and  lydia sat and played word games which was VERY funny Judy  thought she got it everytime… but didnt.. OH but when she did… She celebrated like mad… it was kind of like she was swiping away bees that were flying around her head and stamping on spiders on the floor whilst laughing and squeeling cause she got it… was very funny. After that we went to bed  after laughing so much that day we were totally knackered!


today was the dreaded day… i had.. THE DENTIST .. dun dun dunnn!  :( But it turns out my filling has just chipped a little bit so it will ache slightly and i need a root canal.. not cool.. sadly they cant fit me in at all until after i leave..but my tooth is feeling lots better so its really not that bad.  Fatima was at the Physical therapist today as she has cerebal palsey.. sorry of thats spelt wrong… so we sat and had some more chai and had a good talk with Jon who told us about fatimas story… an uncle took her to a hospital because she was ill and left her there for months until KKV got a call and they took her in.. they dont know her age .. or her birthday or anything like that .. but jon said as soon as he saw her.. she was so lovely and happy that he named her joy.. (as kenyans have many names)  after that we drove  home and i met bansey who i have heard her story before.. she is a real amazing lady very strong spirited we didnt get to talk long because she had to leave.. so  i helped rub out some more books for the next term   and now im sitting in the sturns writing you this :)  No doubt tonight will be filled with  smiles and laughter too.. Having such a great time… Everyone is sooo so lovely.. i’ve been saying that alot i know but THEY ARE!  such amazingly caring people. and so crazy for God  just meeting  them for a short amount of time they show Gods strength and Love  and truth and the reality that this isnt something to take half heartedly but something that can change your life and others you interact with..

God is Good :)

PEACE OUT    Emma :)



  1. Katherine Whybrow

    Hey emma!!!!
    Soounds like a whole load of fun. Bad luck on the toothache/dentist buisness!!! Have fun!!!
    Katherine xxx :) ;)

  2. Hey Emma!!! Its great to hear how happy you sound! I loved reading all about it – what you have described sounds amazing and life changing! Thinking of you !! xxx

  3. Adam Wingrove

    Hi you Guys,
    wow after jac church poped into your mum and dads a i need the loo anywho had a good old nat N chat (lyking it eh) and told me how u lot got off with the suitcases i laught, missing you guys loads. its amazing just reading what has happened already. hows your tooth now, take loads of pic please. oh one more thing i made Rissotto yes i cooked. just thought i tell you that i cooked. much love to all, may he keep u safe and have a blessed time love u all Adam

  4. Hey guys!! Glad to hear your having such a good time and it’s all going well. Sounds like your loving it :) Emma we can’t cope without you at work lol, yucky bug gone round which almost everyone has had, bad times. Missing you lots and hope you have a wonderful time :) see you soon! xxx

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