Jambo from KKV!

Greetings from Kings Kids Village, Nairobi, Kenya!

All three of us (Ian, Emma & Merryn) will be blogging from the same site for your reading pleasure!  Feel free to comment and keep in touch please!

First up its me, Ian!  (by the way this is the same site as last year so don’t get confused by the older posts from last year!)

I’ll try & keep it short & sweet as the girls have much more to say!

But basically we had a very smooth journey from home to here & were met at the airport by Tray & Lydia (part of the team here).  Its been brilliant coming back & seeing so many friends again, i’ve definately missed them!  I’ve been made to feel very at home very quickly!

The Sterns (the American family who run the orphanage) had kept our visit a secret which made it very funny when they saw us for the first time!

Anyway, we’re settling in just great & the girls are loving it.

I’ll hand over to them in the next post…

Thank you for all your love, support, encouragement & prayers.



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  1. Hey good to know you got there safe everyone misses you and have a great time love ya all

    Nelli x

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